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Investor Relations

Annual Reports

1Notice of the 36th AGM
2Annual Report 2019-20
3MGT-9 for FY-2019-20
4Notice of the 35th AGM
5Annual Report 2018-19
6Proxy for 35th AGM
7Notice of 34th AGM
8Annual Report 2017-18
9Proxy for 34th AGM
10Annual Report 2016-17
11Notice of 33rd AGM
12Proxy for 33rd AGM
13Annual Report 2015-16
14Notice of 32nd AGM
15Proxy for 32nd AGM
16Annual Report 2014-15
17Notice of 31st AGM
20Annual Report 2013-14
21Annual General Meeting Notice 2013-14
22Annual Report 2012-13
23Annual General Meeting Notice 2012-13
24Proxy for Annual General Meeting 2012-13
25Annual Report 2011-12
26Annual General Meeting Notice 2011-12
27Annual Report 2010-11
28Annual General Meeting Notice 2010-11
29Annual Report 2009-10
30Annual General Meeting Notice 2009-10
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