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Investor Relations

Codes and Policies

Disclosure under Regulation 46 of LODR
1Criteria for making payments to Non-Executive Directors
2Zodiac Policy on Related Party Transactions
3Zodiac Familiarization Programme 2021-2022
4Zodiac Familiarization Programme 2020-21
5Zodiac Familiarization Programme 2019 - 20
6Zodiac Familiarization Programme 2018 - 19
7Zodiac's Code of Conduct for Regulation, Monitoring and Reporting of Trading by Insiders
8Zodiac Familiarization Programme 2017 - 18
9Zodiac Familiarization Programme 2016 - 17
10Zodiac Familiarization Programme 2015 - 16
11Zodiac Policy for Corporate Social Responsibility.
12Zodiac Policy for Preservation of Documents and Archival Policy
13Zodiac Policy for Determining Material Subsidiaries
14Zodiac Policy for Determining Materiality of Events and Information for Disclosures.
15Zodiac Familiarisation Programme for the Non-Executive Directors
16Zodiac- Code of Conduct for Directors & Senior Management Personnel and Functional Heads
17Zodiac Vigil Mechanism & Whistleblower Policy
19Specimen letter of appointment of Independent Directors
20Zodiac UPSI Code
For any feedback/queries in this section please mail to: investordesk@zodiacmtc.com / cosecy@zodiacmtc.com