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Investor Relations

Codes and Policies

Disclosure under Regulation 46 of LODR
1Zodiac Policy for Determining Materiality of Events and Information for Disclosures
2Zodiac Familiarization Programme 2022-23
3Criteria for making payments to Non-Executive Directors
4Zodiac Policy on Related Party Transactions
5Zodiac Familiarization Programme 2021-2022
6Zodiac Familiarization Programme 2020-21
7Zodiac Familiarization Programme 2019 - 20
8Zodiac Familiarization Programme 2018 - 19
9Zodiac's Code of Conduct for Regulation, Monitoring and Reporting of Trading by Insiders
10Zodiac Familiarization Programme 2017 - 18
11Zodiac Familiarization Programme 2016 - 17
12Zodiac Familiarization Programme 2015 - 16
13Zodiac Policy for Corporate Social Responsibility.
14Zodiac Policy for Preservation of Documents and Archival Policy
15Zodiac Policy for Determining Material Subsidiaries
16Zodiac Familiarisation Programme for the Non-Executive Directors
17Zodiac- Code of Conduct for Directors & Senior Management Personnel and Functional Heads
18Zodiac Vigil Mechanism & Whistleblower Policy
20Specimen letter of appointment of Independent Directors
21Zodiac UPSI Code
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