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The start of a legacy

One evening in the early '50s, M. Y. Noorani, the Late Founder Chairman, then a small trader, stood surveying the rolls of scarf fabric that lay before him. A client had just cancelled a large order. When you consider that on the previous occasion, his entire order of glass juice-makers had arrived broken, any other man would have thought of cutting his losses. M.Y. Noorani however, made of sterner stuff; quietly converted all that material into ties, which he then went about selling. His enterprise was rewarded, as enterprise usually is, and he made enough money to give birth to Zodiac, India’s leading fashion apparel brand.

67 years on, the passion has not ebbed. Indeed, while most know it to be a large professionally run company, the team at Zodiac believes it is more a passion-driven company. Passion for clothing, design, and perfectionism. They believe success just follows.

Our Story

Established up in the late 50's, Zodiac has evolved into a leader in men's fine clothing and accessories. Today, the name represents an international symbol of modern style and time-honoured standards, creativity and dedication. Zodiac has pursued excellence in all its forms. A quality of life defined in tradition and innovation. The company's philosophy speaks to the forward-looking consumer who values the rich eloquence of the past.

The company's continuous embrace of the human touch and the power of imagination have resulted in innovative products that are comfortable and stylish. Ultrafine pure fibres to create new lighter fabrics, reinventing classics as feather-weight luxuries. All in all, a new idea of the luxurious life, very sophisticated, pausing only for opportunity, or indulgence.

Created with passion

Our shirts are crafted with an almost invisible 21 stitches per inch. Each shirt is embellished with genuine mother-of-pearl, patented 3-hole Trinity buttons. Many of our shirts are made with Egyptian cotton - the queen of all cotton. The Egyptian cotton fibres have an extraordinary staple length and unique uniformity which is what makes them exceptional.

Italian handmade silk ties and cufflinks studded with semi-precious stones are the most sought-after luxury accessories.

Zodiac has a long and intensive sartorial heritage, developing a keen sense of how fine tailoring works for men. Articulating a contemporary approach to design, by artfully marrying Super 140s and higher fabrics with modem styling in a line of ultra-lightweight Suits and Trousers making men look effortlessly stylish.

Expertise in retail

Besides retailing its brands through organized retail chains and more than 1200 independent retailers, Zodiac follows a COCO (Company Owned Company Operated) model for its chain of 105 stores. Developed by European designers, Zodiac Stores are extensively panelled in South American Rosewood, having the same rich, contemporary look and feel across all locations in the country. Adhering to the DNA of Zodiac, an essential component in building the emotional connect with the brand. Creating a retail experience and a destination. Where a customer can experience touch, feel, and be physically embraced by, the unique beauty and culture of the House of Zodiac.

The success of brand ZODIAC spurred the Company to launch two new brands for two different consumers.

As the movement to luxury becomes global, it influences all aspects of the lives of consumers. They look for luxury even in their leisure, seeking a relaxed, yet luxurious lifestyle. z3, created as a Relaxed Luxury brand, offers soft cotton fabrics, lightly puckered collars, cuffs & button plackets, and removable collar bones. In the of launch, Business Standard ranked z3 Relaxed Luxury in a list of Most Successful Brand Launches beating the launch of the Apple iPhone.

Today's affluent consumer is getting younger than ever. Cultivating and forming deep relationships with the next generation of consumers is even more important. Once these consumers have been inducted into the ecosystem of fine products, they will never settle for anything that does not match up to their expectations. The younger brand ZOD! was launched to start relationships with these consumers, growing them into the House of Zodiac.