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Zodiac Clothing Co. Ltd. is a vertically integrated; trans-national that controls the entire clothing chain from design, manufacturing, distribution to retail sales. With a manufacturing base in India & sales offices across India, UK, Germany and USA, ZCCL has almost 2500 people in its fold. The company operates a 5000 sq. ft. Italian inspired design studio at its Mumbai Corporate office building. ZCCL* has 3 premium, menswear brands, each clearly positioned to address a specific target consumer. ZODIAC for the classic yet contemporary male's corporate wardrobe, ZOD! Club Wear for the trendy, fashionable male and Z3 for the man who does not need to wear a tie to work. The brand is retailed across India at premium prices through over 125 company-managed stores and 1200 multi - brand retailers.

ZCCL offers diverse career opportunities across the organization from retail to manufacturing & from marketing to sales . We pride ourselves in grooming people from within the organization to take up key leadership positions across departments.

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