Menswear Turns Green

For a generation growing up on twitter feeds & hashtags, multimedia messaging from social media and an overdose of trivia, environmentalism is a top concern. Yes, GEN GREEN is today actively seeking out Eco in every product and is willing to go all out to embrace these products.

  Sustainability is a major choice with this generation when it comes to purchases, brands today are happy to trigger new mindsets towards this belief. Proud to partner this is Zodiac, with z3 – a sustainable brand that respects the planet we live on.

  Created with an eye on the environment and a heart that follows eco-friendly processes, that are now setting a benchmark in the industry.

zodiac shirt
92% of the water used for manufacturing is recycled

Science and research come together in a manufacturing process that takes care of not just depleting the ground water but actually replenishing it by a combination of recycling & multi filter rain water harvesting.

The machinery involved is indigenously designed specially for Zodiac and is fully automated so that water consumption is cut down significantly.  In fact, the water generated as an effluent is totally recycled so that it runs in a perennial loop.

zodiac shirt
zodiac shirt
while recycling water we
extract the heat & use it to reduce our carbon footprint

Our custom built heat exchangers extract heat from the effluents which is then used to raise the temperature of the water, fed to the boiler, thereby reducing the consumption of the boiler fuel and as a result, the carbon footprint.

zodiac shirt
A HIGG Index Rating that is among the very best in the industry

Our HIGG Index rating is like our fashion quotient - among the finest in the country.

What’s more the dyes & chemicals used are LSHE genre - Low Salt High Exhaust that ensures minimum usage of chemicals which are further broken down by using bacteria & other processes.

zodiac shirt
zodiac shirt
A Zero Liquid Discharge
process ensures that we do not pollute the environment

From the time the orgnization decided to go full throttle to become environment friendly we decided that we will set the industry standard - which we are proud to say achieved a 98.5% reduction in the consumption of water and in doing so we have already achieved zero liquid discharge.

In this era of eco renaissance Zodiac continues to raise the bar with #SustainableFashion
for the millennials who will be the adults of tomorrow making informed decisions.
And hopefully creating brand loyalty with a purpose.