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Monteverdi Cream Cotton Classic Fit Formal Solid Shirt

As low as ₹3,099.00

Monteverdi Cream Cotton Classic Fit Formal Solid Shirt

As low as ₹3,099.00
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Product Description
This shirt is crafted from long-staple 2 ply Giza mercerised yarn, these fabrics are finished using superior Italian technology. They have a rich lustre and sheen as well as a superior hand feel and drape.
All ZODIAC shirts are embellished with our signature patented Mother-Of-Pearl 3-hole Trinity buttons, and stitched with an almost invisible 21 stitches per inch, while 120 stitches per inch ensure perfect button holes. Both of these are the highest as per industry standards. A deeper yoke ensures a superior fit and fall, while European lining in the fusing of collars and cuffs ensures a perfect shape and timeless elegance.
Product Specification
Fit Guide
Slim Fit
Zodiac Slim Fit
Cut to fit your silhouette, these shirts are
ideal for those with a lean frame.
They are styled with a hem placket
and have a round-cut bottom.
Classic Fit
Zodiac Classic Fit
Cut generously, these offer maximum room.
They are styled with a classic placket and
have a straight-cut bottom.
Tailored Fit
Zodiac Tailor Fit
Cut close to your body, these shirts offer
room to move without being too loose.
They are styled with a hem placket
and have a round-cut bottom.
Size Guide
Zodiac Slim Fit
Measurement in Centimeters (cm)
Measurement in Inches (in)
Zodiac Classic Fit
Measurement in Centimeters (cm)
Measurement in Inches (in)
Zodiac Tailored Fit
Measurement in Centimeters (cm)
Measurement in Inches (in)
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