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Contactless Delivery Process

  1. Delivery Update: We are working hard to ensure that your order is delivered in a timely and hygienic manner. Our logistics partners will be subject to District/W-ward; City and State Govt, guidelines on movement w.r.t COVID-19 regulations. Returns/ Reverse pick up requests may be delayed. Please email us at customercare@zodiacmtc.com
  2. All Orders Are Packed Hygienically: All garments ordered are passed through UV rays to kill germs and packed in a sanitized facility where the staff are screened before entry and provided hand sanitizers and face masks in their work area. The following best practices are followed.
    1. Health Monitoring
    2. Practicing Hygiene
    3. Sanitized Facilities
    4. UV treated, packed, and shipped to you
  3. Zero Contact Delivery: We are working with our logistics partners to ensure “Zero Contact” delivery of your order. Please bear with us if there are delays in your order getting delivered.
    1. The shipment will be kept outside the door/at the permitted area of society premises.
    2. The delivery person will move back 6ft/2mtr to maintain safe distance.
    3. There will be no physical contact with the OTM machines so it will not be handed over to the recipient, no signature is required.
    4. The recipient will be requested to provide name/contact details to our field executive/courier while accepting the shipment.
    5. A SMS will be forwarded to the recipient’s mobile number informing him about the Contact Less Delivery.
    6. A delivery is successful SMS will be sent to the recipient confirming the delivery details and if they have any query, an email id will be available through a URL.